Rules and Events:


Contrasting Monologues*

Musical Solo*


Acting Duo*

Improv Pairs

Musical Theatre Duet*

*Denotes International Thespian Excellence Awards (Students ranked Superior in these categories are eligible to compete at the International Thespian Festival)


Acting Group*

Musical Theatre Group*

Musical Theatre Dance

Chapter Select (One-Act)*

Solo Technical:

Scenic Design*

Costume Design*

Costume Contruction*

Lighting Design*

Theatre Marketing*

Stage Management*

Short Film*

Cable Roll

Prep a Ground Plan

Sound System Set Up

Hang and Focus a Light

Rigging and Knot Tying

Short Film- Animated

Short Film- Documentary


Makeup Design*

Prop Design

Group Technical:

Tech Olympics

Trashy Costume


Senior Performance Scholarship- Senior Student pursuing Acting/Musical Theatre

Senior Technical Scholarship- Senior Student pursuing a career in Technical Theatre

Arts Advocacy Scholarship- Senior Student who believe they have promoted advocacy for their community or society through or for the arts.

Summer Program Auditions:

This is a chance for students, in any grade, to audition for a number of different summer programs throughout the state. Students may win partial or full scholarships to attend. 

Governors Awards

New Jersey Thespians is proud to offer Governors Awards in Arts Education for the top placement in each of the following categories:

Costume Construction    Costume Design

   Short Film                   Lighting Design 

Makeup Design            Scenic Design

Group Musical Theatre

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