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How do I get Involved?

Most decisions about theatre in the school curriculum are made at the local level by principals, superintendents, and school boards.

Getting started

  • Establish a positive and open communication channel with your school administrators.

  • Make a point to learn when your school board meets and who its members are.

  • Find out who the local decision makers are and reach out to them: the mayor, district school superintendent, city council, chamber of commerce, superintendent, etc.

  • Build a network of supporters that you can call on when there is a need for quick action.


Contact other ITS troupe directors in your district to help organize a long-term theatre education advocacy strategy.


Participate in the year-round Theatre In Our Schools (TIOS) campaign, an effort to promote awareness of theatre education's value and purpose in schools across America, culminating in a month-long celebration in March. Encourage your fellow Thespians to do the same, and begin planning how you can promote TIOS at public events--shows, school board meetings, and your Thespian conferences. TIOS is jointly sponsored by the Educational Theatre Association and the American Alliance for Theatre & Education.

Community members:

Attend school board meetings and request to get on the agenda. Use the materials below to advocate for starting a theatre program or growing resources for the theatre program.

Arts Education Benefits all Students

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