Interested in having your college represented at NJ Thespian Festival?

The 2021 New Jersey Thespian Festival will be held at Robbinsville High School, located in the Mercer County, NJ, on the weekend of January 16 and 17, 2021.


It is the mission of The International Thespian Society to expand educational theatre opportunities, and we would like to welcome you and/or your faculty to take part in this year’s festival. Our event typically brings in over 1,000 students from across the state of New Jersey. Some of your faculty may already have been involved with our organization in the past. While the majority of our workshop presenters and judges are working theater professionals, much of our support comes from expert faculty members from college programs.


The New Jersey Thespian Festival provides a win/win situation for both our students and your institution. Your school gains exposure and direct contact with a wide variety of theatre students from across the state of New Jersey, while our students get direct access to people from their educational future. There are five possible opportunities for your institution to directly interact with some of the top high school theatre students in New Jersey:


The Senior College Audition and/or Portfolio Review: 

The most exciting and promising opportunity to really attract top notch students to your school is to partake in our college auditions. Your representative(s) will get to see the best of the best seniors in the state of New Jersey and you will get to choose (under your own conditions) what opportunities you would like to offer them. The advantage here to students is that they don’t have to travel all over the country to audition for schools whose audition dates often conflict. The advantage to you is that you get to see some of the most talented students from New Jersey all in one day (many of whom might not make it to your school’s auditions otherwise).


Information Table: 

This allows you recruitment opportunities and a chance to market your program to secondary theatre students and teachers while also allowing students a chance to ask questions and receive registration and audition materials from your school. Tables and chairs will be provided by Robbinsville. Information table space costs $100, but the fee is waived for schools offering scholarship opportunities at the festival.


Workshop Presentations: 

Instructors from you institution can make $100 for two workshop sessions taught (with a maximum of 4 sessions) over the course of the two days of festival.



Instructors from your institution can make up to $150 judging a wide variety of theatre events including acting, musical theater, dance, playwriting, short film, stage management, costume design, make-up design, theatre marketing, stage management, scenic design and lighting design over the weekend of Festival.



This is an opportunity to advertise your school to theatre students, teachers, and theatre professionals--all in one shot. 

Please reach out via the CONTACT US page with any other questions or concerns!

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