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tech events


Individual Tech Challenge

 Individual Events (NOT Team Events): 

A student may enter up to three of any of the five following events. There is no limit on the number of students from each school entered.

hang and focus a light

(single student event)

  • Student will focus an ETC Source 4 Ellipsoidal

  • Focus the light to the shape that is taped out on the wall

  • All equipment and tools will be provided

  • Procedure:

    • Student leaves the Start line and puts on gloves and attaches Wrench to self

    • Grab the light. Pick it up and place it under the bar (batten) with the “C” Clamp facing you

    • Finger tighten the Pipe bolt on the “C” Clamp to the pipe

    • Attach the safety cable through the Yolk and around the pipe

    • Take wrench and tighten Pipe Bolt to the Pipe. This should be no more than a ¼ turn past finger tightening

    • Pull ALL Shutters

    • Plug fixture cable into powered cable

    • Position the fixture to illuminate the shape: 

      • Adjust the Pan and Tilt of fixture to desired position

    • Adjust the focus knob and move the barrel in or out to a sharpen the image

    • Make Shutter cuts as necessary to match the image on the wall

    • Make adjustments as necessary and make sure ALL Nuts, Knobs are all tighten so instrument does not drop focus

    • Insert Gel Frame into color slot at the end of the fixture. Lift clip to slide in frame. After frame is fully in, put the clip back down to hold frame in place.

    • After finished, return gloves and wrench to table and then through the line. DO NOT THROW ITEMS.

  • MAX TIME: 2 Minutes

rigging and knot tying

(single student event)

  • The student leaves the start line

  • Grabs Pulley, Chain, and Shackle

  • On the top pipe - go around the pipe with the chain (2x). With 2 ends hanging downward, slip the shackle between the bottom links of both ends (giving you an upside-down horseshoe). Hold the Pulley up to the bottom of the shackle and slide the threaded bolt through the pulley and screw in tightly to make it safe & secure which holds the Pulley in place

  • Take Rope - you will feed it through the pulley from front to back. Take it about halfway to prep yourself for the first knot

  • 1st Knot (on the opposite side from you) - BOWLINE - 

    • take about a 1’ to 1’-6” of rope in your hand. Make a “P” shape with your LEFT thumb holding the “P” together. 

    • Take the bottom part of the rope and bring it up through the hole of the “P”

    • Go under and around the top part of the rope above the “P”

    • Then bring it back through the hole

    • While keeping a hand on it, pull both the bottom of the loop you created and the end you weaved through the hole, tight

  • The Fresnel will be set up on the floor in front of the pipes with the “C” clamp facing you

  • Take the Bowline you just created and bring it down to the top of the light. Go under the “C” clamp and around to fasten to the “c” clamp to grip the light.

  • Next, you pick up the light by pulling the rope from your side. Lift it off the ground about 2’

  • With the opposite end of the rope, you will make your final knot - CLOVE HITCH

    • Take the rope across the front of the pipe going down to the ground (keeping the tension on the lifted light)

    • Wrap under and around the pipe, placing the rope on the LEFT side of the rope that is going through the pulley. Don’t pull tight. Leave a little space between pipe and rope

    • Go back under the pipe, coming up on the RIGHT side of the rope that is going to the pulley

    • Take the end of the rope and go through the loop/space you left on the front side and pull tight downward.

    • It should look like a “Straight Line with an X going over it”

  • At this point, your light should be safely hanging above the “X” on the floor and all knots are tight

  • Cross the line and you are done

  • Link for Visual


cable roll 

(single student event)

  • Student will coil cable and put away in designated areas

  • The student must use the “Over / Under” Method of cable Coiling

  • 4 Cables will be snaked on the ground, connected to each other

  • Items needed:

    • A Rack with 3 designated spots

    • 4 different lengths of cable

      • 1 - 10’

      • 1 - 50’

      • 2 - 25’

  • Procedure:

    • Student will start behind a line and will start on Judge’s “GO”

    • Student will go to 1st connection point and unplug from one another. They will then start to coil the cable in the “Over/Under” method then velcro the cable to make sure it keeps coiled

    • Once that cable is coiled, they will place it on the rack at designated area of length

    • The student will do this 4 times

    • After the last cable is hung up, the student will go through the line to STOP time

  • MAX TIME: 3 Minutes


prep a ground plan

(single student event)

  • When getting ready to tape out a floor for rehearsal, and stage manager must find all points for tape marks. 

  • Student will be given: 

    • ground plan

    • pencil

    • scale ruler.

  • Student will have 5 Minutes to mark down as many measurements and as clean as possible. It must be readable

  • It must be turned in with Student’s FULL NAME and TROUPE #



sound system set up

(single student event)


  • Proper way to set up a functional PA System with Ipod hook up

  • Items needed:

    • 2 Speakers 

    • Amp

    • Board

    • CD Player or Ipod ?

    • Cable

      • 2 - ¼” Speaker Cable 

      • 3 - XLR Cables

      • 1 - RC to Double Mono Cable

    • Microphone

    • Power Strip (for Power)

  • Procedure:

    • Plug everything in for power (Amp, Board, CD player)

    • Connect speakers with ¼” Cable to Amp (Outputs)

    • Connect Left & Right “Inputs” from Amp to Mixer “Outputs” with 2 XLR Cables

    • Connect CD Player to mixer using the RC Cable into first 2 channels on mixer

    • Make sure all levels are at “0”

    • Play CD - Music should play

    • Take microphone and plug XLR into Channel 3 - “Test 1-2”

    • All Works - Say “TIME” or go through line

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