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New Jersey Thespians alumni Network


Mission Statement: "To connect Thespian Alumni through networking, advocacy and passion for the benefit of 'past, present and future Thespians."

As we approach the International Thespian Society 90th Anniversary, New Jersey Thespians is growing our Alumni presence. Our goal is to create a stronger Alumni program not only within our state, but to aid the growth of the National Alumni Network and the Educational Theatre Association. 


Networking between generations and groups of Thespians from New Jersey and around the country. 


Working with Colleges and Universities to support Theatre Education and outreach programs.


Assisting New Jersey Thespians financially as we continue to grow our programming and outreach. 

Looking for a way to get involved as an Alumni?

New Jersey Thespians need volunteers to help run our Annual High School Thespian Festival. Interested in being involved? Join Below!
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